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5 Myths about Landscape Waterfalls busted

5 Myths about

Even the most ingenious minds need the calmness and liquid serenity that they deserve. You don’t have to take a trip to Bali to enjoy the stunning tropical waterfall. You can do it right in your backyard and trust me it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Natural waterfalls have been celebrated for their breathtaking serenity for a long time. But having smaller, cosier versions of these waterfalls in your backyard landscape or your garden, make for more intimate and soothing scenarios.

Get-togethers in your backyard and romantic evenings under the stars will take a whole new level of significance with this change of landscape once you have your waterfall installed.  This feature is meant to fit any kind of space for all outdoor yards with your personal touch. 


A lot of people have certain assumptions about landscape waterfalls in backyards that make them hinder and hesitate before making their own. This article is all about busting these myths and giving you a more clear picture on landscape waterfalls. 


We have listed down the most popular myths on landscape waterfalls of all time-

  • They are very expensive
  • Extremely high maintenance
  • Not for everyone
  • UV lights for clear water
  • They invite mosquitoes

#1 They are very expensive

Landscape waterfalls are not expensive at all. It depends on what scale you want to build it. Simple, rustic, natural waterfalls required just a few rocks and maintenance material.  On the other hand if you are aiming for a lavish life size waterfall,  it requires that kind of money. So landscape waterfalls on the whole are not expensive. It’s the way you want it that makes it expensive or inexpensive. It is important to remember that either way the landscape waterfall – be it big or small – emits immense beauty and tranquility.


#2 Extremely high maintenance

Landscape waterfalls require just the amount of care a regular Garden does. The myth about it being extremely high maintenance is completely false. If a landscape waterfall is built with the most unreliable materials which is not the best quality,  it will definitely start showing signs of requiring maintenance. Using high-technology or expensive machines is not the answer for having a maintenance -free landscape waterfall. Being observant and learning from nature is what it takes to be a water gardener.


#3 Not for everyone

This is the most ridiculous myth of them all. Mother nature does not discriminate; everyone has the right to enjoy this kind of nature. It’s unfair to think that only the rich have access to water tranquility and not the others. You can have your own tiny landscape waterfall in your backyard.  Water therapy is not a luxury, it’s a necessity which is accessible by anyone and everyone. If you do not have the biggest backyard, you can always have a small waterfall which will still give you the same effect, with lesser maintenance.


#4 UV lights for Clear water

UV clarifiers are indeed one of the ways to keep  the water of your waterfall clear,  but it’s most certainly not the only way and definitely not the natural way. The basic fact is that if you have a naturally balanced waterfall in which the process of the aquatic circle is rotating the way Mother nature intended, then you don’t require UV lights at all. A naturally balanced waterfall is a low maintenance waterfall.


#5 They invite mosquitoes

If you have a landscape waterfall, you need not worry about mosquito menace.  Mosquitoes generally lay their eggs only in still and stagnant water.  Waterfalls are out of bounds for them. On the other hand, if you do have a tiny pond under your landscape waterfall, you still don’t have to worry about mosquitoes as, if the mosquito larvae hatch,  the fish in your pond will have a treat and pick them off the pond surface with great enthusiasm.


It is only natural to have thoughts and concerns about having a landscape waterfall in your garden or backyard as it is a huge statement and a huge step. But it is important to make sure that whatever information you have collected regarding it, is true, else you may regret not having a landscape waterfall for a reason which does not exist. We hope that this article busts many myths that you had and takes you one step closer to having your own landscape waterfall.


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