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6 Unbelievable ideas to enhance your Landscape waterfall


Landscaping around your waterfall is basically just adding to its beauty, value and style.  This applies to you whether you have a lavish and extravagant outdoor waterfall or even if you have a very small, simple and charming backyard waterfall. In this article you will find out various ways in which you can enhance your landscape waterfall and maintain it.

Before we get into the ideas you have to decide on what kind of a landscape or scene you envision. There are different styles of waterfalls that you can create –

  • tropical 
  • Modern 
  • contemporary 
  • minimalist

   Now this is vastly dependent on the climate of  the part of the country  in which you are living. The other factors, for example, your vegetation, that is, the plants that you choose will in turn depend on the climate. Apart from these two the other factors to be considered are your personal style, taste and budget.

Let’s roll into the seven ideas that will enhance the landscape around your waterfall.

#1 Create a patio setting

It’s wonderful to have a waterfall in your backyard but what’s more important is that you have a proper lounging area near it so that you can take in the liquid serenity and admire your landscape waterfall.  Do not forget to choose complementing furniture to enhance the ambience of the area. 

Based on your personal style you can use modern furniture or refurbish traditional furniture.  If you are ready to go the extra mile, you can also get stone furniture to blend in with your surrounding nature. 

 #2 Add in rocks 

Rocks add a lot of character to the landscape waterfall.  There are a variety of rocks to choose from. You can either stick to one kind or go ahead and make a combination of them. Rocks give the waterfall a proper shape and structure and clever usage of these rocks can make them more than just a feature and add on to the charm.

#3 Vegetate it

While rocks create a very structured look,  Plants can help soften and blend the features together. Make sure to choose your plants carefully based on your style, your budget and the climate. Doing so will help you maintain your landscape waterfall for a longer period of time with ease. 

Keep a check on your plants regularly as fallen dead leaves could clog your waterfall. Try to avoid plants that require a specific amount of water at a specific time of the day and also plants which need a lot of sunlight and daily care.  This landscape waterfall is to put you at ease, not to increase the workload.

#4 A pond for the drama

 Having a waterfall empty into a pond at the base gives it a very soothing effect.  Not to forget it creates the same scenario as looking at a natural waterfall. To give your waterfall that little drama and edge, you can have a small pond dug at the base so that the waterfall empties its water into the pond. To top it off you can also add some floating plants on your pond.

#5 Give it a contemporary touch 

If you are someone who does not want a rough rocky waterfall and prefers something more contemporary and modern to match your taste,  you can also get a contemporary waterfall. The image below is an example of the same. It still has the waterfall, it still has the ambience and the effect just with your personal contemporary touch.

#6 Disappearing waterfall


 This is a one-of-a-kind waterfall. When the waterfall empties into a pond which has a subsurface reservoir, it creates a look of a disappearing waterfall. The best way to accessorize this is to have a pebble beach created at the base so that it serves as a popular play area for the children during summer.

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