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7 Must-have Garden Water features

7 Must - have

If you aim to make your garden both stunning and relaxing, the best way to do so is the contrast two main elements. The earthly designs which when combined with Garden water features accomplish this. The amazing thing about Garden water features is that they can be used anywhere. Whether you have the smallest area or an extravagant and lavish place you can always accommodate Garden water features and in all cases it enhances and levels up the beauty of your property. 

Plain gardening can sometimes turn from a hobby to a horror because of the work involved.  If you still want to continue gardening but do not want to be stressed about it,  the solution is to have a garden water feature. The sound of water gives you so much peace and happiness that you do not feel any negative emotions anymore. This will help you enjoy and do whatever you wish to do. 

Sometimes installing a full-blown pond, fountain or a waterfall is very expensive and not everyone has the kind of money for it.  Looking for an alternative? keep reading! We have chosen some of the most simple yet stunning water features which when installed in your garden gives you happiness without burning a hole in your pocket.

  •  Basic water feature
  •  backyard fountain                                              
  •  modern feature
  •  stone water Garden
  •  Garden waterfalls
  •  Mystic waterfalls
  •  deck water features


 #1  Basic Water Feature

Sometimes the best way is to go simple. A basic water feature is a statement in itself.  You can choose old-school outdoor ponds. Even though they are called basic they are used in huge numbers for the simple reason that they look stunning and are extremely easy to build.  If you want to know how to build your own DIY pond you can have a look at our blog on the easiest possible way to do so. 

  #2 Backyard Fountain

If an outdoor pond seems too mainstream for you, you can always choose a beautiful backyard fountain. They give the backyard a classic rustic look which takes your garden a step further to being an aesthetic sight to sore eyes. These can be purchased at local Garden shops and even home centres.

  #3 Modern Feature         

If rustic and traditional is not your personal style, you can always add modern water features to your garden. You can even customise modern designs to be Water-centered. You can implement clean simple lines which have a metal accent and neat texture to give your garden a minimalist and modern look.

#5 Garden Waterfall

Waterfalls are wonderful alternatives for fountains.  They have a wide variety in themselves. You can choose – 1 tier, 2 tier, or gorgeous 3 tier waterfall which empties into a pond. If you prefer silent water movement sounds you can have the waterfall placed at a short height from the ground. On the other hand if you believe in “go big or go home” you can choose a waterfall which is located at a high altitude and splashes water all day long. 

 #4 Stone Water Garden

This is one of my personal favorites.  If you love having the structure of rocks and stones in your garden, then this water feature is made for you.  This also gives a very natural look as the stones blend into nature really well. Instead of having stagnant water, you can use rocks to channelise and shape the water to make an extraordinary natural water feature.

 #6 Mystic Waterfalls 

Mystic waterfalls have become quite a trend in recent times. You find this in local parks, gardens or exotic properties. A very popular example for Mystic waterfalls are the ones which have an ancient deity or any statue for that matter, shooting water out of its mouth.

 #7 Deck Water Feature

Decks are one of the best places to include a water feature.  If you do have one and it still doesn’t give you the effect you are looking for, we know what you’re missing. The secret to having a stunning Deck is to have a mixture of natural and man made elements which look both unique and beautiful. This also makes the scenery a lot more peaceful and provides a touch of zen to your garden.

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