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8 best Water Fountains for your backyard

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Water fountains have been around for a long time as they provide a basic necessity, that is, water for drinking and other activities. As the time passed, water fountains have evolved from being functional structures to decorative pieces. They still have a function, but instead of catering to drinking and other basic necessities they cater to mental health, that is, peace and tranquility which cannot be easily obtained otherwise. 

A water fountain is the best outdoor water feature that you can add to your garden or backyard to enhance it and make everything blend together. There are a variety of fountains, which gives you so many choices to choose for your backyard. This variety includes different materials such as fiberglass, copper, wood, stainless steel, etc. Choices such as a solar fountain are also very viable without breaking the bank. 

Here are some stunning water fountain ideas that is going to enhance your backyard –

  •  Tiered outdoor fountains
  •  Bird bath fountains
  •  Wooden water fountains
  •  Stone Garden fountains
  •  Rock waterfall fountains
  •  Outdoor wall fountains
  •  Lightweight outdoor fountains
  •  Solar fountains
#1  Tiered water fountains
A tiered outdoor fountain is a classic beauty for your garden or backyard. It adds charm and elegance to your backyard. This kind of a setup is available in solar, electric or the solar options along with a battery backup. You can choose from a number of contemporary and traditional styles which are made from durable materials such as fiberglass, polystone and resin. 
#2  Bird bath fountains

If you not only want the tranquility of water but also the chirping sounds of birds in your backyard, you can use this water feature to attract the birds to your backyard space. Choose a spot where birds gather and place a small water feeder beside which you can install your bird bath fountain so that it compliments the bird feeder. You can also choose between traditional and modern styles for the same.


#3 Wooden water fountains

Wood is such a natural element that combines beautifully with a backyard. Its durability helps in the construction and maintenance and the look of it enhances the charm. These can be made with an easy plug-in electrical option. You can also combine the wooden water fountain with the tiered one to have the looks of a tiered barrel or a wishing well.


#4 Stone Garden fountains

This is an option where you can add a touch of culture and art to your backyard. They have stunning designs which are built to last in the materials of cast stone and glass fibre, reinforced with concrete. These give a very rustic feeling but can also be converted to traditional, contemporary and whimsical styles.


#5 Rock waterfall fountains

This Can be the best nature inspired charm for your backyard. Several rock design water features are available to choose from. Select the one with natural looking moss, sturdy logs and tree trunks. This water feature can also be made in a tiered or waterfall style.


#6 Outdoor wall fountains

This feature is appropriate when you want to glam up your outdoor walls. You can choose a simple resin fountain or the one with more intricate detailing and sleek finishes. The wall mounts can again be classified with traditional, contemporary and modern features.  Wall mount fountains for your backyard can be the easiest choice for electric or solar options.


#7  Lightweight outdoor fountain

If you are looking for something which is low-maintenance yet attractive and easy to move around the place, then this is perfect for you. These lightweight outdoor fountains are easy to lift  and relocate wherever you want them. These can be in tiered, urn, rustic and modern styles.  You can choose the one that suits your backyard the best.


#8 Solar fountains

This is the biggest bracket under which we can put all the above fountains. Enjoy the beauty of a water feature in your backyard without having heavy operating costs. All you have to do is place the fountain in direct sunlight for operation. You can choose from a variety of styles including tiered fountain, solar pond fountains, waterfall fountain, bird baths, solar fountains with battery backup etc.


A good quality, affordable backyard water fountain will help you find tranquility and peace from your hectic life. A well chosen water fountain in your backyard will change the entire look and give you that professional, beautiful backyard garden that you have always dreamt of.  We hope we are successful in laying down enough ideas in front of you so that you can choose the best  suited fountain for your backyard.

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