Hydrozen Waterscapes


We are spreading the serenity by installing water features in your backyard. Not only the pleasure of seeing something so appealing but also the calm and peace that washes over you with its presence.


Install Water Features all over America and spread liquid serenity one backyard at a time.


To improve the quality of households and mental health and family relations with a boost in aquatic energy.


We ensure safety of our workers as well as our clients with high grade supplies and following Certified® modus operandi.

We Provide The Best Water Features In Delaware & Maryland

We are Certified Aquascape Constructors under the leadership of Mr. James DeShazo who has been creating water features and landscaping backyard since his childhood.

We follow a strict set of standards in order to assist our industry in creating beautiful, long-lasting, low maintaince, water features. Upon our initiate consultation, we strive to listen to our customers' plans and ideas and let them develop the "Big Picture" utilizing our skills and component knowledge. Throughout the process, from development to upgrades to maintaince, we are there with you - every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize the main benefits that customers will get by your company.

Quality Work

We use the highest grade raw materials and supplies for our services.

Made In America

All our products are made in America by true hard-working Americans.

100% Customised

We landscape your backyard exactly the way you want to it.

Aquascape Certified

We are Certified Aquascape Contractors - Delaware & Maryland.

Our Team

Take The First Step To Design Your Dream Backyard