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Backyard Pond - Clean your Pond for Spring

If you are stressing out on how to clean and set up your backyard pond for spring, let us take that load off of you. Spring is a period of resurrection, renewal and awakening. All the trees are blooming and early blossoms are pushing through the earth. 

Things are springing up and coming to life! In such a happy state of life, it would be a pity to pay a fortune to someone else to clean your pond and let them rob you blind. Maintaining your pond for the spring season is as easy as it can get.

Keep reading to ease your life this spring by using only 5 simple steps to get your backyard pond Spring ready!

#1 Ditch the debris

On the off chance that you leave muck developing in the pond, it will rot into a food hotspot for new algae development. Tidying up is sometimes messy, and if not done appropriately toward the end of winter, you could end up managing a toxic wreckage.

Read our blog on Insider’s tips for preparing your pond for summer heat to make sure that you smoothly glide into spring without facing much pond problems. When cleaning, ensure you vacuum the base, deal with leaves, pull out the rotting plants, and give your pots a scour. This is the initial and the most important step.

#2 Drain or change water

The water in your pond might be stagnant for a long time. It will be mixed with the rainwater, the excess water flowing from your backyard plants after you water them and so on and so forth. In such a situation, it’s very unhygienic for you and dangerous for the fish and other animals in your pond. 


Hence, change at least 30% of the water body depending on the condition of your pond. If it looks good, keep it at 30%, if the colour has changed to some kind of a tea coloured water, increase it to 40%, if its completely frothy and mushy, drain the whole of it, scrub the pond and make the lives of your plants and fishes easier.


#3 Pond pump

Pond pump is a necessity if you are serious about keeping your pond tip – top. If you already own one, while beginning to cycle your backyard pond you will need to check if the pond aerators are 100% open and working. Watch that all the mechanical aspects of it are working with legitimate flow and on the off chance that you have a rainfall, double check that nothing is stuck in the impeller.


Try not to begin the pump and leave the place unattended. Start the pump back up when you will be investing time around the house for a few hours. Along these lines you can watch out for everything and ensure that all the water is going where you need it to go (in your pond). Should you find any issues, turn it off until you can make fixes. On the off chance that you’ve been using an aerator, keep on doing as such as this will help keep oxygen levels high and let your pond breathe.


#4 Filter it out

Cleaning your pond once and for all and then coming back to it to see slush everywhere is such a heartbreak. This step is crucial in the maintenance of your backyard pond for the spring season. This is time to give the bacterial colonies a big boost. There are many products that can help you get this done. 


#5 Spring in your backyard!

This is the best step of them all. Isn’t it wonderful to have spring in your backyard? The pond, the flowers, the fish and the chirping birds  is going to remind you every minute of how beautiful nature is. 


In this step, all you got to do is set your hardy plants in your pond right, in case they went out of place and allow them to grow this season. You can also have a check on your fish to see how they have been doing and voila! Spring in your backyard.


That’s all folks! With these teeny tiny 5 steps, your backyard pond will be spring ready and all you got to do is add in some floating plants and sit back on your chair and watch spring bloom in front of your eyes.



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