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How healing effects of Backyard Ponds can get you your heart’s desire?


Healing Effects

When I say Backyard pond, the first thing that may mostly cross your mind is that it’s “unnecessary” and expensive in a subtle way. If so, then this blog really is for you. If you think so, then you may generally be one of those people who are not yet aware about the benefits or pretty much more specifically, the HEALING effects of backyard ponds. At the end of this blog, I assure you you will be on your toes to make your own backyard pond and enjoy its healing effects.


#1 Therapeutic experience

Listening to running water is such a natural way to calm yourself. There is a Slovakian proverb that states that Pure water is the first and foremost medicine and what’s more pure than having a pond – a particularly natural form of water, in your own backyard? This therapy for the most part is for your mind, your body and also for your soul or inner being. Your whole body is energized and healed, it creates a sense of mindfulness where you can genuinely exist and experience unforgettable moments in the present day.


#2 Better Blood circulation

Yes. You definitely read that. Don’t wonder what an external water body has to do with your inner blood circulation because here is the answer. People struggle to get themselves to the gym or to the ground to workout either to lose weight or to become fit or to maintain the immunity of their body by keeping it active. Instead of putting yourself through artificial workouts, having a pond gets your blood circulating naturally as you have to work with the cleanliness of the pond, maintenance of the creatures (Completely at your discretion whether you want to have creatures or just the pond) etc. This makes sure that you are working out but without having a trainer shout at you.   


#3 Feel empowered

Nowadays, It’s very common for people to fall into the bandwagon of feeling unwanted. Families breaking away, children studying far away, parents in a different house, etc. With all these it’s completely normal to feel lonely or succumb to solitude. But having a pond, treats you differently. It heals you and makes you feel empowered as your pond, your fishes, your plants need you. You are wanted and you matter. This kind of a Psychological satisfaction to know you are wanted makes you feel empowered.

#4 Blue mind

As I mentioned above, having a pond heals your mind, body and soul. As much as doctors try to work on the body aspect of this, they themselves suggest ways to calm the mind. There is a whole entire book by Wallace J. Nichols about the blue mind –  ‘The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do’.


#5 Heal your pocket!

Backyard ponds can really be an approach to set aside cash. An alluring impact of having a backyard pond is that it can fill in as open air cooling. At the point when water evaporates off the pond’s surface, this procedure reduces heat, which naturally cools the encompassing region. Your wallet will thank you for incorporating this method to keep the electricity bills down. Not only this, another advantage to having a pond is that it can be used as a storage medium when there is less rainfall. Just dip a watering can into the pond to water the other soil-based plants around your home and yard! It’s that easy!

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