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It’s Summer!

Insider’s Guide to preparing your pond for the summer heat!

Have a backyard pond? Keep reading! You don’t?
You got to read why you need one from our previous blog.

Summer is always welcome everywhere! The serene warmth, the ray of sunshine that hits you when you draw your curtains in the morning and the pond in your backyard glistening from the sunshine and reflecting it like a million dollars. You could lose all of this in a blink of an eye if you do not know the BEST way to keep your backyard pond alive through this summer. Keep reading!

#1 Pond Aeration – Let your pond breathe!

Your pond and the livestock in it, be it may – fishes, water skaters or anything at all need oxygen to breathe. The overflowing development of aquatic plants can without much of a stretch lead to an oxygen inadequacy in the pond toward the beginning of the day. That is on the grounds that no oxygen is delivered around evening time, despite the fact that the plants do keep on absorbing oxygen. Plants from your backyard give you oxygen so that you lead a fresh day and it’s time to give it back. Use an air pump or a pond pump to oxygenate your pond and aerate it during summer as this is the time it needs oxygen the MOST.

#2 Keep an eye on your ‘lil ones’

As it’s summer, it’s very probable that your fish feel more hungry. This is the right time to supplement them with more food. You can also add lettuce, spinach, zucchini and green peas chopped into fish-sized bites into their diet. They will love it! 

As mentioned above, if the pond isn’t aerated frequently, probably once every week, the warm water loses its ability to hold more oxygen and this can turn out to be fatal to your fishes.

#3 Circulate the water

Aerating the pond is not enough. It’s as good as bathing and cleaning the water and then bathing in the same water again. Disgusting right? Swimming pools use the same technique. They not only use chlorine (The strong smell you get when you get into the pool) to clean but also change the water regularly. You should do that too! Changing the water of your pond regularly will be a gift to not only your pond but your fishes and plants too!

#4 Protection from the sun – Shade, shade, shade!

Summer is all fun and play until it’s about the heat. If the heat hits your pond and makes the water warm, it affects your pond oxygen levels and is directly proportional to the fate of your fishes. Regardless of whether you have a little garden pond, or a pond that fills half of your garden, there are a couple of simple approaches to shade your pond and help to keep the water cool. You can utilize outside structures, for example, shelters or canopies that are anything but difficult to modify as per adjusting temperatures. Indeed, even the more tastefully satisfying aesthetic nursery arbors will frequently give plentiful shade to little backyard ponds.

#5 Regular maintenance

Apart from the points mentioned above, it’s extremely important for you to regularly maintain your pond and keep a check on it. Make sure your pond doesn’t get completely clogged up by regularly pruning the pond plants and pruning lilies once they have stopped blooming. Make sure there is enough oxygen in the pond. This is very important on hot days in particular. If required, circulate the water in your pond by at least 10% every week or buy a good pond aeration system. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the water levels!

If you do just these 5 points regularly in the summer, the pond will bless you with the cool and calm and all the summer vibes it can possibly give and you are good to go until the next summer 

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